Games Antikiller (RIP)

Based on the Antikiller motion picture, the Antikiller game continues a brutal war between obnoxious crime gangs and a one man vigilante, a former police officer known as the Fox.Your choice is to join the brutal gangs as one of their leaders and fight your way to domination through rivers of blood, have your revenge as the Fox, or enter madman as Barkas, the notoriously dangerous no one’s man.

* Third-person action game about one man’s war against the powerful Russian mafia
* Cut scenes from original “Antikiller” movie
* Three playable characters and several game modes, includ

ing beat-the-clock for the hardcore gaming
* Developed on the Render ware engine
* Play as former policeman Fox who is taking revenge on mafia,or as one of the leaders of mafia or and fight your way to domination through rivers of blood.

System requirements
1000MB HD
3D graphics card

[Part1] [Part2
Password : raja
Install Notes:
1) Unpack (use unpack.bat)
2) Start Setup.bat
3) Play!