AIMP 4.01 Build 1703 – AIMP 4.01 Build 1703 – Pastinya software ini sudah tidak asing lagi bagi para user multimedia. Merupakan salah satu Alternatif Media Player dalam hal Mp3. Selain karena tampilannya yang sangat User Firendly dan tidak terlalu menyulitkan penggunanya, AIMP 4.01 Build 1703 ini juga dilengkapi dengan Fitur Change skin. Yang tentunya membuat pengguna tidak mudah bosan dengan tampilan yang biasa saja.

What’s New on 4.01 Build 1703?

  • Common: the FIJO Flat icons are now default file icons (thanks to Zigar)
  • Audio Converter: the “file name” column has been added
  • Playlist: the “Import entire folder if one file is sent” option has been introduced in the “Open files from
    external applications” category
  • Playlist: reloading file tags in the playlist now updates these files in the database of music library
  • Music Library: an ability to add selected files to bookmarks
  • Music Library: an ability to replace rating in DB from tags when updating information about the files if the “synchronize user mark with file tags” option is switched on
  • Music Library: an ability to drag group via album art thumbnail
  • Music Library: algorithm of files monitor has been improved
  • Fixed: Common – CUE parser ignores apostrophe at the beginning or end of the value
  • Fixed: Player – the “%Index” macro skipped when copying file information to clipboard
  • Fixed: smart-playlists – automatic synchronization does not work (regression)
  • Fixed: tag editor – focused item is always processed even if it not selected
  • Fixed: Music Library – click at the “Mark” column via MMB or RMB changes the value
  • Fixed: Music Library – labels in context menu are not sorted by name
  • Fixed: Music Library – no way to scroll list of labels via scroll bar if one of labels is selected
  • Fixed: Music Library – adding / updating process interrupts if an error occurred when processing one of files
  • Fixed: Music Library – filtering works incorrectly if one of filters contains a NOT OR / NOT AND operations
  • Fixed: UI – tables with groups – an error occurs when deleting the content of group and group is focused
  • Small bugs were fixed

Screenshoot : 

Cara Install :

  1. Download AIMP 4.01 Build 1703 Link dibawah ini
  2. Extract menggunakan winrar
  3. Jalankan installer AIMP, kemudian install seperti biasa